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What is Forbes Smoking?

While checking how high bond yields are going this morning and cheering on the recent rises, I came across this article. The opening paragraph makes things interesting (with my bolding added):

In trading on Friday, shares of iShares DEX Universe Bond Index Fund were yielding above the 3% mark based on its monthly dividend (annualized to $0.9306), with the stock changing hands as low as $30.91 on the day. Dividends are particularly important for investors to consider, because historically speaking dividends have provided a considerable share of the stock market’s total return.

Now I knew something was wrong because the yield to maturity was only 2.42%. The headline also said 3% so at first I thought it was just referring to a different yield calculation (one that would be irrelevant to most investors). But it actually looks like this was either written by someone who was drunk and/or playing video games, or it was automatically generated based on a stock screener. The article goes on to talk about how dividends aren’t predictable because they follow the profitability of the company.

This content is apparently coming in from another site. I know Forbes isn’t exactly the top business/finance publication, but they seem to be bringing in some truly weak sources. Most amateur bloggers can do better than this.

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